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I love to write and read.
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Bryan Fuller and everyone in the San Diego comic con 2014 (via shotofstress)


Hannibal - Comic Con 2014 - Hit Fix


Excuse me but did Bryan Fuller just said, regarding Will and Margot having scars kinnda in the same place that…and I quote "they’ve got smiley faces on their tummy"

Yes, in Red Dragon they describe Will’s tummy as a smiley face that Hannibal drew using the nipples and carving his own smile on it


This cutie laughing in 500x500


This cutie laughing in 500x500


Si es amor, abrázame con ganas, si no lo es, tal vez será mañana, estando juntos mi mundo se llena de luz, LO MEJOR DE MI VIDA ERES TÚ ♫

A baby Verger, a little Verger, whatever. A small Verger, a tiny Verger, a Verger of my viteable sperm - viable - VIABLE SPERM.
Seasoned professional and everyone’s favourite trash heap Michael Pitt (via drfchilton)


this is honestly how a normal person would react to 99% of these crime scene descriptions



Sneak peek: Our August cover. #fanfiction